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What is the process involved in the Swish Pattern?

  • Choose what you want to replace and create in your imagination a big bright image of it. Put it aside for the moment.

  • Decide what you would prefer instead. Create an empowering image to represent it and feel free to add an appropriate soundtrack. Put it aside for the moment.

  • Take the first image (what you want to get rid of) and make it even bigger and brighter. Put in front of you (you’ll be getting rid of it in its current form, shortly). Take the image of what you want instead and make it small and grey and put it far, far away in the distance.

  • Now throw the bright image of what you don’t want far into the distance and notice it getting really small and the colour draining from it until you’re not sure if you can see it or not. Draw the image of what you want towards you so it quickly becomes bright and colourful. Let any sounds you’ve chosen rise in crescendo to add to the power of the now bright image.

  • Repeat 3-5 times, breaking state between each repetition.

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