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What is the process involved in the Compulsion Blowout pattern?

  • Finding the driving submodality – what change actually increases the feeling of compulsion? If you make the picture of the chocolate larger, is it more desirable? Does making it closer or more colorful make you want it more?

  • Do it quickly. This process works because there chemical changes in our bodies keep going like a moving car even though you have put on the brakes. It you do it slowly, it can actually increase the compulsion.

  • Do it in one direction only. Go from far to close and then stop for instance. A see saw type motion of far – close – far – close won’t get the response over threshold.

  • You need to do an ecology check before you do the process. What will happen when you no longer have the compulsion? Does it satisfy something else? What behavior can you put in its place? When my sister and her husband gave up smoking, their communication suffered. Having a cigarette together was an important part of their relationship.

  • Make sure you contextualize the response – make it a specific thing. It would not be useful to blow out your compulsion to control for instance, rather that you are compulsed to read every email.

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