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  • Clarity on your vision, purpose & values"
    NLP helps you align your unconscious mind behind the goals you want to achieve. We then remove any limiting decisions you have unconsciously install in your past that may get in the way of you achieving your goal and then we can set about putting your goal in place and ensure your values are aligned to it.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
    Limiting self beliefs can often be encountered on your personal development journey, NLP techniques will help you to destroy limiting beliefs, remove limiting beliefs and overcome limiting beliefs. NLP teaches you how to reframe your current beliefs by applying different meaning to behaviours, situations in life and also to new beliefs that you would like to have.
  • More self-confidence
    NLP offers better choice in the way a person communicates, how a person responds and feels. When a person has more options, decisions can be made better. NLP strategies helps one to focus on building confidence to levels where life can be changed.
  • Managing difficult people
    The course teaches you how to deal with difficult people, that is, those people with whom we constantly fight or who irritate us. People we don’t know how to get along with us or make them get along with us. NLP teaches you about the process of building rapport through mirroring and matching at various levels, showing you how to connect with difficult people and help them cooperate with you.
  • Strengthening leadership capabilities
    NLP can develop your leadership capabilities. NLP assist leaders and management to get ahead of the gain line, is from the advanced language patterns and physiology techniques which reveal the deeper structure of meaning that influences our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.
  • Developing new strategies for problem solving
    NLP helps you examine your current way of thinking and develop your ability to think differently. This involves looking at the way we unconsciously structure our thoughts and our ability to divide a problem into chunks, as well as the power of reframing problems and turn them into positive states.
  • Dealing with pain & allergies
    NLP teaches you how to listen to signals of your body and deal with pain as a signal. It can also, if applicable, heal allergies that are created through a mistake in your immune system in times of lower resistance with tools that disassociate you from the allergy and program yourself back to your healthy body before the allergy.
  • Creating more freedom & choice over your mindset
    Mindset includes your emotions, performance states and ultimately your results. With the use of NLP, you can take absolute control of your mind.
  • Breaking behavioural patterns
    NLP can help abolish many bad or unwanted habits and behaviors. Through a series of NLP interventions that work in the unconscious (like time line, N-step reframe, parts integration and provocative or performance coaching) you are able to break poor patterns for ever.
  • Improving your communication & presentation skills
    It is not uncommon for people to have a fear of public speaking and NLP helps a person mentally and practically prepare you success in this area. NLP’s self-management techniques, language patterns and goal setting are vital to effective speaking.
  • Improving your coaching skills
    NLP can help you to learn new ways to motivate others and get to the core of complex issues quickly to be able to communicate effectively.
  • Understanding the capabilities, strategies & mindsets of successful people"
    These are the methods that people use to achieve excellence in business and life. NLP can demonstrate these to you via a process called "modelling."
  • Creating more energy & relaxation in your life
    NLP gives you the tools and coping mechanisms to change your normal pattern of behaviour, break from your old unworthy daily life cycles and gives you the freedom you need to respond and react in a healthier, more positive and beneficial way.
  • Improving team & organisational performance
    NLP offers tools to assist in leading or managing teams or stakeholders, through a combination of perceptual positions and evoking positive states. The management of change becomes easier through increased learning, improved communication and the ability to break out of the circle of cause and effect.
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