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What is the Leveler pattern?

The Leveler does not really have many distinguishing characteristics. The most important characteristic of the Leveler is that they do not have the characteristics of any other Satir category. A Leveler is seen as a congruent person, and always states facts. You can depend on the Leveler, because he remains true to his perceptions. The body language and physiology of the Leveler also display congruence. The only negative aspect of the Leveler is that they speak the truth as per their understanding, which makes many people uncomfortable. Hence, people respond in a negative manner to the Leveler.

Levelers are congruent in their beliefs, respecting their own view, other people’s views, and the context of a situation. They show no symptoms of the other stress stances. The leveler appears knowledgeable, and speaks in facts. They are assertive. The goal of levelling is mutual problem solving. Levellers have few threats to their self-esteem.

They apologize when they are in the wrong (rather than to placate). They can evaluate a situation (rather than blaming a person). They know when abstract language is appropriate, like when talking to other experts or when they truly need to be objective (rather than to avoid feelings). They know when it’s useful to be asymmetrical and playful without being dishonest or to divert.

Words, voice tone, body movements and facial expressions all give the same message.

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