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What is the Blamer pattern?

The blamer is a "mistake seeker", a dictator, a boss. He acts arrogantly, and he seems to say, "If you were not here, everything would be fine." Internally, the muscles and organs feel tense. The blood pressure rises. The voice is hard, firm, often shrill and loud. Convincing "blaming" requires you to be as loud and tyrannical as you can. Humiliate everything and everyone ready.

The Blamer tries to find someone who can take the blame when things go wrong. The blamer will thrust his thoughts and feelings on others.The blamers use firm gestures and point fingers at other people. Blamers use general statements, complex comparisons and missing proofs to confuse the other person, and then place the blame. Such people usually end up alone, since nobody wants to be at the receiving end of the blame.

In order to protect themselves, they attack other people or circumstances and blame them.

When they accuse, other people do not count for them; only themselves and the context are important. When they have adopted the blamer's attitude, they are often referred to as hostile, tyrannical, grumbling, or violent.

Blaming reactions include:

Words: disapproving ("you never do anything right, what's wrong with you?")

Body: accusatory, demanding ("I am the boss here.")

Thoughts and feelings: "I am lonely and unsuccessful."

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