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What is the Computer pattern?

The computer is very correct and very reasonable, without the appearance of any feeling. He is calm, cool and collected. He could be compared to a computer or a reference book. The body feels dry, often cool and unrelated. The voice is dry and monotone; the words sound slightly abstract.

The Computer is more like machines, they use language that hide their inner emotions. Their best defense is that they never let anyone else know what they are up to, or what they are thinking.

They are always logical and under control, and do not exhibit any emotions. Some might think that they are cold hearted and have an insensitive personality. They are always dissociated from what is happening.

Computer pattern is the pattern of over-rationalizing disregards both the self and other people.

To be overly rational means to act according to the context, mostly on the level of information and logic.  They are seemingly rigid and dignified. They do not allow ourselves or others to focus on emotions.

Computing reactions include:

Words: very reasonable ("If one observes carefully, one could notice the calloused hands of one person present here.")

Body: unmoved, tense ("I am calm, cool and collected.")

Thoughts and feelings: ("I feel easily at people’s mercy.")

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