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What is Aligning Perceptual Positions?

Although it wasn't included in the Core Transformation book, and isn't technically a part of the Core Transformation Process itself, Connirae Andreas explored Aligned Perceptual Positions (APP) and it is generally included in Core Transformation Training.

There are 2 phases of APP:

Phase 1- Sorting the Perceptual Positions

Phase 2 - Alignment

In any interaction between two people, there are three primary perceptual positions:  Self (you), Other (them), and Observer Position. APP involves sorting the three positions and then aligning their various components.

Stepping into the self position offers a chance of being assertive and knowing your beliefs. Stepping into the other position offers a chance to be empathetic and more understanding. It provides with an opinion separate from yours. Stepping into the observer position (external neutral observer) gives a chance to look at both positions and what can be done with the resources and limitations of each.

Being stuck in any position is unhealthy.

After sorting out the positions, APP involves "aligning them".

Here are some examples of what we mean:

When you think about an interaction you've had in the past with another person, step into the "observer" position where you can see the entire interaction.

Notice, are the "self" and "other positions" equal distance from you on one side and the other?  Are they at eye level with you and with one another. What are you feeling? Are you feeling the feelings of an observer, or have you brought some of "you" into this position?  Are the sounds that you hear balanced in both ears?

These are just a few of the many elements that can be adjusted.

The process of aligning perceptual positions can transform all of your relationships as it gives you access to clean information and opens up some interesting possibilities. There is a transformation.

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