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How it Works?

In Core Transformation, we discover what our Core Outcomes are. What the deepest part of ourselves wants to bring forth.  It's been giving us clues all along.  In the moments of tragedy and despair, of challenge and frustration, of disappointment and hurt we learn something about what matters most to us.  And in those experiences of triumph and deep joy, of success and satisfaction, of richness and awe we see what's ultimately important.It is about finding the deepest value.

#1 Begin with an experience - a perceived limitation or something challenging

#2 Point out whatever the unwanted experience maybe, it is not something we decided to experience - it is something that happens to us

#3 Connect with the part that generated it - ask it what it wants and step in to that part and ask again

#4 Through the continuous questioning, there will be a core outcome which will tell you about the core transformation and core state.

This can be applied to our entire life once we know the core outcome and our core state.

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