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Who is the founder of core transformation?

Connirae Andreas developed both Core Transformation (CT) and Aligning Perceptual Positions (APP) in the summer of 1989, and tested both processes with individual clients in the summer and fall of that year.  The people Connirae tested the processes with, included people with no NLP background, as well as some who had NLP training.

Connirae first taught these processes publicly in a Post Master Practitioner NLP Training in March 1990.  This training was attended by a large group of NLP Master Practitioners and Trainers from both the US and other countries.  Because of strong positive response, she continued teaching APP and CT in both Master Practitioner and Post Master trainings throughout North America from 1990 on, with one European training in London in early May, 1992.

These processes were available as “workshop handouts” beginning in early 1990.  Connirae and Tamara first published an article on Aligning Perceptual Positions in February of 1991 in Anchor Point Magazine (the primary NLP publication at that time).  Tamara and Connirae wrote the Core Transformation book between 1991-1993, drawing upon their work from 1989 through 1993.  It was available in January, 1994.

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