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What are the Basic Steps of the New Behavior Generator Strategy?

  • Identify a behavior you would like in order to gain a particular outcome.

  • Make sure it is a Well Formed Outcomes, especially that it is stated in positive terms and you check for objections (ecology check)

  • Create a dissociated movie of the behavior you want. This can be either another person or remembering a time when you did the behavior and watching yourself do it. The role model you choose can be someone you know, a celebrity, TV character or even an animal. Edit the movie until it is exactly how you want.
    new behavior generator dissociatednew behavior generator dissociated

  • If the movie is of someone else, now see yourself doing the behavior. Make sure you are dissociated.

  • Create a kinesthetic reference by associating into the movie. The key here is your physiology. How does your body feel doing the behavior? For instance, what is your posture like when talking to someone confidently and easily? How are your neck and shoulders placed?
    new behavior generator associatednew behavior generator associated

  • Future Pace in order to test in a real life situation. You need to be convinced consciously that you have learned a new behavior.

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