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For what can new behaviour generator be used?

The New Behaviour Generator is a self-help tool to assist in your personal and professional development. Like all skills, the more you use this process the faster and easier it becomes. You are aiming at using it automatically, and/or unconsciously as a tool for continually regenerating your own behaviours. Anytime that you have an experience that is less than satisfactory, immediately take a few seconds and run it through the new behaviour generator. The more you do this, the faster you move towards being the person you really want to be.

You can use it for generating completely new behaviours – something you have never done before – or for making modifications and changes to a behaviour you already have, and are now less than satisfied with. This process allows you to systematically build up an internal representation in the three main sensory systems of the specific behaviour you want. It works because the unconscious mind has no way of telling the difference between a ‘real’ event, and something you imagine vividly.

The New Behaviour Generator is a powerful tool for self-improvement and coaching. When using this technique you stimulate the neural pathways that are involved when performing the actual behaviour. The New Behaviour Generator is widely used as a technique for improvement in music and sport. It makes the new skill familiar and creates micro movements in the muscles that you need in reality.

This is a fun, simple, yet powerful skill that both adults and children can use in all areas of life to perform at their peak.

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