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Use of NLP by trainers to grow professionally

NLP is a connection between neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through experience and that these can be used or changed to achieve specific goals in your life. These goals can be long term or short term. So it’s clear that knowing NLP will give trainers an edge over understanding humans better in professional field of work.

Kick the conflicts easier than ever/ Kick the conflicts easily.

Being a trainer in corporate world itself is a challenge. One of the essential key is to eliminate the gap between employees, or between Boss and employees, different departments on same floor, the clients and it keeps going on. Your language and methods will bring harmony between people and make the office a better place. This also means that being a trainer you hold the power to calm everyone down before it even happens by understanding people better while recruiting or training period.

This is where NLP training comes into place. By using NLP, trainers can take control over situations easily than the one’s without skill. These trained people undergo a “Rapport” building skill which makes others feel naturally comfortable around them. Rapport is a feeling of being on the same page with someone and understand their thoughts, opinions and decisions.

Change performance within your business

Many organisations try to solve performance challenges on physical level, trying to upgrade their skill sets. Is that a problem? Not necessarily, but performance challenges can be deeper than we know. Doesn’t matter how many skills you enhance if your beliefs are weak, nothing will change your performance. Barricaded beliefs are the main reason behind staff being off track or just under performing due to lack of motivation. In such cases skill training won’t change a thing, not within nor outwards. NLP helps in improving your perception of your job, office, boss and even society. NLP for trainers can give you the boost you’re looking while you’re on the racetrack!

Refashion your words

We all have heard “I dislike office politics to the core!” It is probably one of the most commonly used remarks by employees. Using such statements we are only limiting our career by making assumptions, passing unnecessary opinions back and forth. Such exercises should be stopped. Methods in NLP helps you greatly to have a better understanding of yourself and others around you. Nothing can be generalised and NLP helps in breaking the old ways of how our brain’s been wired. Refashioning your statements can bring the change in you for the good. It’s like eliminating one of your old habits with a new one but better.

Motivating oneself and around you

Being a professional trainer there will come a time when you have to motivate people in your organisation. You hired them, trained them, made them knowledgeable and then maybe after few months or so they will need your help again. To set example for others in your team or in family, NLP will help you to do so. This skill within you can lift someone up who’s been down for too long.

But, you can also lift others up when you can do the same for yourself. If you can take care of your emotions and responsiveness only then others will feel inspired. To unlock one’s sense of belief and openness, NLP plays a key role. It’s true when they say

“The light is within you.”

The Meta Model questioning

Meta model questioning is the method by which trainers can better understand the universe of an individual. HR’s can enter the worldly mechanisms of how the person who works in their organisation thinks, reacts, makes decisions or just limits oneself. Meta model questioning is basically a simple questioning technique. These questions are rather very straight forward and brutal in someday. There is no filter attached to the question, this is what makes meta model so special. This direct questioning method can lead to truths and facts which may not be retrieved when asked indirectly.

Some typical questions like following are frequently asked : 1. What do you mean when you say that? 2. What limits you? 3. What happens when you do that? 4. Whom do you compare to?

The trick is to ask the questions spontaneously to get the unfiltered responses and feedbacks. It’s not all about thinking the next question and waiting for answers. Person’s verbal or non verbal responses lets you know a lot too. Many people do believe meta model questioning to be the single most important method in NLP.

Shifting to compassion than compliance

Deadlines are something no one can run away from. Because of deadlines the immediate managers can change the rhythm of work and make it look like just another unfinished task to be completed and also reduce the quality of work with further chances of delay.

Knowingly or unknowingly this is dampening the skill set of an employee while also making him unproductive. There’s a need for right approach to be used. Changing the gears while working with compliance will only make things difficult. Compassion should be replaced with compliance. HR’s can coach managers and trainers to change their ways for the good. NLP for trainers can also be promoted amongst managers and other people in command. It is beneficial for the people who are in command for better understanding their team mates or subordinates.

Presentation enhancement

There are numerous occasions when you have to project your company or maybe just yourself. There can be times of nervousness or disbeliefs. NLP trains you to be your individual self. Methods in NLP will guide you to believe in yourself when you’re losing confidence.

NLP helps you to overcome performance anxieties relating to presentations on stage and speak confidently than ever. Such a push in motivation can bring you and your team a great value. It will also make you stand out from rest competitive beings. Anyone with self confidence and motivation glows differently and continuously.

Anchoring everyone around you

Anchoring in NLP is basically being the one to share the strength, joy, motivation and guidance around your people. You become the person everyone can look upto. They feel comfortable and at ease around you, whether they are meeting you for the first time or 100th time. The feeling around you never changes. You automatically become attractive and compassionate. And that is really crucial in any organisation. You will become the go-to person for everyone in your field of work. This is simply rewarding to your career and your organisation. Being the anchor doesn’t limit you in office, in your family and friends you become the highlight too.

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