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Anil Thomas

Master NLP Practitioner & Gestalt Therapist

Tanisha Sodha

Counseling Psychologist, Drishti

My experience from learning with Anil Thomas can be summed up in one word: transformative. His teachings, his stories will help you transition to your best self. I completed the Practitioner's Course in NLP and I have gained so much.

Indira Paul

Food Division Manager, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

I'm glad I did NLP with Anil .His presentation skills are really impressive and the passion comes through. My sincere gratitude for all the learnings and the efforts put in by him. I am certain that anyone who does NLP with him will leave as his brand ambassador!

Dr. Karuna Kapil

Change Facilitator, Access Consciousness 

I experienced the potent inner silence that I am aware is the space of all the potencies, vulnerabilities, questions, answers, patterns, breakthroughs, sufferings, healings, insights, actions, strengths, and much much more. Thank you Anil Thomas for being you.

Ranjit Nair

Executive Coach, Tech Mahindra

Anil’s entire session works on the NLP premise of “experience the experience”. He so adeptly manoeuvres every experience of the session to make me and others realise that “experiencing the experience and taking accountability of it is the key, rest all is rumour”.

Anil with Fr. Richard (Dick) McHugh S.J. Ph.D. in Mumbai City, India.

Anil with Judith DeLozier (co-developer of NLP) at Moscow, Russia.

Anil with Robert Dilts (co-developer of NLP) at UCSC, California.

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Anil Thomas Fellowship
Anil Thomas Fellowship
Communities are an important aspect of the human social life. Through the Anil Thomas Fellowship, we aim towards creating a platform which will enable the NLP & Gestalt community to thrive, learn and share these tools to enrich the human experience.
Level 1: Basic

Certified Practitioner's Course in NLP

Learn. Experience. Evolve.

Level 2: Advance

Certified Master Practitioner's Course in NLP

Practice. Apply. Integrate.