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What is the procedure involved in NLP Phobia Process?

  • Lift your head and eyes upward

  • Breathe high and shallow in your chest

  • Imagine you are watching a movie of yourself in a cinema, seeing yourself in the movie

  • (do not experience it from your own perspective through your own eyes)

  • Step out of your body and move further away from the cinema screen – looking at yourself looking at yourself

  • Make the visual modalities of the movie smaller, dim, colourless, blurred, grainey with a frame around it

  • Verbalise the disassociation using 3rd person language

  • Create two place (double dissociation) or if necessary a three place disassociation (watching yourself watching yourself)

  • Create an image of the scene prior to the event which created the phobia

  • Run the movie of the event from the beginning to the end

  • Freeze a still image after the movie of the phobia event has completed which is safe to focus on.You will see yourself in the image.

  • Project yourself into the image of you and become associated again

  • Now rewind the film backwards as quickly as you can. Run sound backwards as well. Imagery will run backwards just as you would see whilst rewinding a video

  • Go back to the beginning till you are in the safe initial frozen image jump out of yourself at the beginning

  • Go forward to the end still image (no need to rerun the film)

  • Climb back in to the image of yourself and rewind back to the beginning.

  • Jump out and go to the end still image and rewind the movie back to the beginning - this should allow you to speedily erase the phobia pattern in your head if you do this, getting quicker each rewind (6 time should be enough)

  • Clients have been known to laugh as they rewind their movie.

For extreme phobias rewind up to 20 times.

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