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How does the NLP Phobia cure work?

The NLP fast phobia cure removes fears and phobias by altering submodalities. A conventional phobia cure works by exposing the phobic person to a little bit of the fear at first, then a bit more, and a bit more and so on. The fast phobia cure technique is different. It uses image alteration. The phobic person is guided to make changes to each submodality. You can change the speed at which you experience your fear. You can alter the colors. Or you can put a funny soundtrack on the movie. By changing how you experience the fear situation, you break the link between the object and the fear. The fear is no longer automatic, so the fear goes away.

The fast phobia cure is particularly effective with phobias that are triggered by a specific thing, such as a fear of needles, fear of dentist visits, or spiders. The fast phobia cure also works for getting rid of bad memories or painful experiences from the past. You can apply the fast phobia technique to a wide range of phobias and irrational fears.

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