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What is the olfactory representational system?

Olfactory includes smelling.

In NLP Olfactory is one part of the Representational System. An example is: “Smelling how great that apple-pie smells!”. Or maybe a more nasty one: “It smells like dog-shit!”. There are legions more. Olfactory events, smell you experience are accompanied most of the time with Kinesthetic events. The smell of a specific product will give you a specific feeling.

Olfactory breaks down into two parts: Internal and External. An example of Olfactory Internal is the smell of freshly baked cookies, a hint of cinnamon and other powerful herbs. An example of Olfactory External is more direct, here in the now - Imagine when you walk on the street and you smell someone BBQ great meat. Immediately your thoughts are like “Hmm, I can have a piece …”.

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