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Why use representational systems?

The representational system is all about how people access, process & represent information. Observing the representational systems can help you understand how people are thinking. Once you understand this “how”, you could present information to them in a way in which they are able to tune into the things you want them to be able to grasp more effectively.

Once you develop this skill and use these accessing cues (in combination with common sense & other skills you develop in the course), you can also get important information about:

  • Whether the person you are interacting with is paying attention to what is going on around them, or to their internal feelings or mental images or sounds, or is he/she silently talking to themselves,

  • When it’s OK to speak and when it is best to remain silent to allow the person you are interacting with ‘space’ to think.

  • What you can do or say to help the person access information from their own minds more effectively and easily.

  • How the person is thinking. (Notice it is “how “and NOT “what”)

  • The best ways to ‘present’ your ideas so that the person(s) finds them not just easy to understand but also appealing. This presentation of ideas could be in

  • One to one interactions

  • One to many interactions (e.g. training programs)

  • Verbal, written…. Communication

  • The kind of behaviour they would feel comfortable with. For example, would they prefer for you to

  • stand closer to them or a bit further away

  • speak quickly or slowly

  • explain through metaphors or through facts or with the help of practical activities

All these insights along with the understanding of the representational system will help you:

  • Understand the other person in a better and more effective way

  • Develop Rapport

  • Become an effective and influential communicator

  • Handle and Resolve conflicts effectively

  • Collect relevant information quickly and easily

  • Help more clients or patients

  • Develop deeper relationships

  • Make more sales

  • Create compelling content (articles, books, speeches, videos…)

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