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What does content reframing mean?

When we talk about content reframe, we think about how the behaviour can have a different meaning. This is because in content reframe, we often present the behaviour as “Whenever X happens, I respond Y”. Hence, we look for a cause and effect when we try to do a content reframe. Due to this cause and effect, we try to place a different meaning on the same behaviour, other than the negative meaning that we have placed on it.

Content reframe is when we change our behaviour to suit the place and time.

Content Reframing means seeing the behaviour or problem with a different perspective. It is viewed more appropriately. You should ask - What else could this behaviour mean?

For example, your friend has not been replying to you. You may think he is ignoring you. But the case might be that he is busy or facing an issue, and that is why has not got any time to respond.

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