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What does cascading neuro-logical levels mean?

One of the characteristics Neuro-Logical Levels is that responses tend to cascade down them. This may not be true in every case, in every way, but frequently the effect can be observed over time.

For example, if that child I was teaching to play guitar looks to me for identity sponsorship as he creates his definition of who he is, and he believes me that he's "a lousy guitar player," he is very likely to self-organize any number of things on lower Neuro-Logical Levels as the effects cascade down.

At the values level, he may decide that music, or even arts in general, are not important. Or he may conclude that he lacks the capability to learn easily. From there he will make choices about which capabilities to develop and which to avoid. Those choices will naturally affect the activities he pursues and other types of behavior he initiates. And those behaviors will have an effect on his environment, the people around him, and their response, in turn, to him.

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