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Give an example of use of Neuro-Logical Levels in Learning.

Suppose I'm teaching a child how to play guitar and, every time he tries to play a D chord, he has trouble getting his fingers into position on the strings. I could give him behavioral feedback and say, "You're doing it wrong." That would be keeping my comment on the same Neuro-Logical Level as his behavior, but it's not very high quality information. He already knows he's having trouble doing it; and what I have just told him only confirms that out of all the possible ways there might be to do it, the way he is doing it is not the best way.

Or I might give him higher quality behavioral feedback and say something like, "If you picture your fingers going to the right place, move this finger first and let the others follow, that might work better for now. Give it a try." In this case, I gave him something specific to change, keeping my feedback on the same Neuro-Logical Level as his actions.

On the other hand, if I had my Neuro-Logical Levels confused with each other, I might give him feedback like this, "You are a lousy guitar player." That is an Identity level statement that will have widespread effects. The child may derive from that that he's not good person, or that he's inadequate, or that there is some reason to be ashamed of himself.

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