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What are timelines?

Timeline is used to rather describe how we represent time personally and internally. Internally, we represent past, present and the future in different manners. Our basic ability to determine if a certain event took place in the past, may happen in the future, or is taking place in the present, comes by integrating the experiences to the unique time line that each of us possess.

Timeline describes how we characterise chronological time in the space around us.

The timeline works are a subject of NLP practitioner and these NLP timeline processes are quite powerful, and people are advised that they attend NLP training before they practice any NLP process on their own.

In every one of our lives, there are some strong emotions that were generated long way back, and those memories of the past where those emotions are generates is stored in gestalt.

Our mind recognizes (generalizes) the events in present and then assesses the likely patterns of events (through generalizing) in the future. The emotions thus recognized from past are replicated in present and even while thinking about a future event. This is why there’s good reason to conduct some work in actively clearing up negative emotions that generated in the past.

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