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How does it work?

NLP Time Line Therapy techniques address the root cause of the emotions or limiting decisions and, therefore, help to put a stop to unwanted patterns of behaviour. These techniques also assist the individual to comfortably let go of past emotions (including any type of phobias) and limiting decisions without having to relive the emotions or the events again. By working with past memories and with the unconscious mind (where all our memories, beliefs, emotions and language are stored), letting go of unresolved emotions and limiting decisions is fast and effective with these techniques.

In Time Line Therapy, the therapist activates the unconscious mind of the client by putting them in a relaxed state. The client is taken to some point in their past before they experienced the negative emotions stored in their subconscious mind.

The therapist then guides their client to those events where their negative emotions were created and releases them from such feelings.

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