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What are the three fundamental perspectives in modeling?

In successful modeling, a particular phenomenon or occurrence is viewed from multiple perspectives. Here the three positions of perception from the view of the NLP Practitioner are very helpful to us.

The first position represents your own perspective - the situation is experienced as fully associated with yourself.

Modeling from the first position means to try out something yourself and to investigate how "we do something." We see, hear and feel from our own perspective.

The second position is the perspective of the other - you look at yourself and the situation dissociated from yourself.

Modeling from the second position means standing in the shoes of the person being modeled and trying to think and act as much as possible like that other person.This can convey important intuitive insights into meaningful but unconscious aspects of the thoughts and actions of the modeled person.

In the third position, you are an uninvolved observer and thus take an outside perspective.

Modeling from the third position would mean stepping back and as an uninterested observer witnessing how the person being modeled interacts with others (including ourselves). In the third position, we override our personal judgment and only pay attention to what our senses perceive, such as a scientist would study a particular phenomenon through a telescope or through a microscope.

The fourth position would be a kind of intuitive synthesis of all these perspectives in order to get a feel for the whole "form".

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