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What is Pure NLP Modeling?

This is a form of ‘deep trance identification’, and has a similar structure to the ‘perceptual positions’ exercise.

  • Choose your success model – Select someone with skills you would like to explore and improve. It’s important that you’ve seen them perform the activity you want to model – either in real life or on film or video. The more time you spend watching and listening to them in a neutral state, the better..

  • Imagine them performing. Sit comfortably, and imagine watching and listening to this person perform. Play a movie in your mind of their performance. Imagine yourself getting into rapport with them as they perform.

  • Imagine (in any way that makes sense to you) floating into their body. Replay the movie as them, let them do the work, but see, hear, and feel what they see, hear, and feel as you replay the movie.

  • Float back into your own body (again, in any way that makes sense to you). As you leave their body, take all the learning that’s useful to use now and/or any appropriate time in the future. In your mind, replay the movie, with you as the main actor, exhibiting all the useful attributes of your model.

  • Repeat once or twice. So that you feel comfortable with your performance.

  • Break state. For example, focus on the floor and notice the texture of the flooring, and then continue with whatever you want to do.

  • Find a safe environment and practice your new skill. Keep practising, and take in any useful feedback.

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