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What are the key features considered in NLP modeling process?

  • Physiology
    Observe physique, posture patterns, gestures, symmetry and type of movement, eye movements, and other clues to accessibility, such as verbal patterns, pitch and pace (the B.A.G.E.L. model).

  • Cognitive Strategies
    Observing the preference for certain sensory-specific representational systems, submodal patterns, and habitual cognitive sequences (the R.O.L.E. model).

  • Meta-Program Pattern
    Observing general patterns of organization such as time perception and management, relationships with loved ones, goal orientation, etc.

  • Belief and Value Systems
    Observing all expressed values, rules, attitudes, and assumptions about the behavior or skill being modeled.

Observing the interaction between the person being modeled and the other people he is dealing with in the situation you are modeling. Pay attention to all the patterns of communication and relationships between the modeled person and the others involved in the situation. Of course, some of these distinguishing criteria will be more relevant for modeling some skills than others.

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