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What are some of the well formed outcomes questions?



Present state to desired outcome. P/S - D/O.

1. What is the desired outcome? Stated in the positive.

2. What will the outcome look like, sound like and feel like?


3. When?

4. Where?

5. With whom?


6. Why? Purpose? Intention?


7. Do you know what to do?

8. Is it self initiated and maintained?

9. Can you do it?

10. Have you done this before?

11. Do you know the steps and stages?

12. Do you have an action plan?

13. Do you have a way to monitor your progress?

14. Do you have a way to deal with interferences?

15. Do you have the resources? Internal & external.


16. Ecology? Are you in alignment within yourself?

17. Why do you want it? Is it compelling?

18. Have you made a decision?

19. What will be the evidence, the convincer that lets you know that you have achieved the outcome?

What are immediate tasks you need to take action on?

What are you learning?

End frames

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