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What are some of the basic conditions for well formed outcomes?

Generally in NLP a well-formed outcome is one that ideally meets the following basic conditions:

  • Be stated in the positive (that is,what you want, rather than what you don't want), see Positive and negative (NLP)

  • Be capable of representation in the sensory systems (tangible rather than theoretical or conceptual: able in principle to be evidenced through the senses when attained. Thus, seen, heard or felt)

  • Be possible and achievable.

  • Have all the resources (people, psychophysiological states, time, capital, equipment, or material) required or accessible.

  • Have a defined time frame.

  • Be ecological in having consideration for costs and consequences for oneself and others affected.

These criteria for a wish to be considered "well formed" are known as the well-formedness conditions.

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