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How to restructure the inner critical voice?

  • Change your thoughts so that the inner critic shows up differently.

  • What does the voice sound like? Loud, soft, stern, nagging? Who’s voice does it sound like?

  • Change the volume of the voice until you no longer hear it…same with tone, rate of speech, pitch, etc. This can lead to a different experience with your critic.

  • Consider changing where the voice is coming from in your head..move it around to the front, side, or the back – How does that affect the power of the critic?

The idea here is that if your inner critic has a normal tone and way that it communicates with you, change it around and you may notice that it’s suddenly effective. For example, if your inner critic has tone that is very demanding and overwhelming, try changing that voice to a softer, less invasive tone. Perhaps change it to a squeaky little cartoon voice. Something you don’t take so seriously and are more able to shrug off or not pay attention too…laugh at even!

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