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How to control your critical voice?

First of all, do you know where that voice came from, or do you recognise a phrase or accent that a former friend, teacher or even member of the family used? If you start to recognise the cause of the inner critic, you start to realise you’ve been “given” it rather than formed that opinion yourself.

Also is what the voice is saying actually a fact, or a limiting belief?

If I were to say “I don’t own a Porsche” (and I don’t) then that’s a fact. If my inner voice were to say “You’ll never own a Porsche” then that’s a limiting belief it has formed.

Start to challenge your own critic, write down all the times when you have achieved something that it is being negative about. Does your inner voice work well for you sometimes with positive words and outcomes? Then find instances when it has worked well in the past.

Your critical inner voice can be tamed. It likes to massively over generalise problems:

“I’ll never do that”

“Everyone think’s I’ll fail”

“I always fluff my words when I get up and speak”

So start to teach it to be more specific – you could ask your own inner critic “Never? Everyone? Always?” chip away at what it’s telling you is truth and you’ll find that actually a lot of what the voice is telling you.. is made up!  Once those beliefs are gone, create what you DO want to have happen instead.

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