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How does the communication model work?

  • At any given time we are bombared with 2 million bits of information per second. This is not just everything we take in through our 5 senses, but also the awareness of our heart beating, and what our feet feel like inside our shoes.

  • Now we can not consciously process all that information, so we start filtering a lot of that information out. We bring it down to about 150 bits, which we then chunk together in 5-9 blocks of information. As you can see, a lot gets lost.

  • How do we decide what to filter out in the NLP Model of Communication - This is based on our past experiences, culture, personality type, etc. Ee do at least one of three things with incoming sensory information that has been filtered - we delete, and/or distort, and/or generalise all sensory input.

  • We then create an internal representation of that, and this comes often in images or sounds.

  • That in turn starts to affect how we feel, and how our body responds (our physiology.)

  • This then causes us to behave, by which we start to create changes in our environment. We simply loop back to step 1, and it is an ongoing process.

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