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How does appreciating ourselves create higher self esteem based on NLP Presuppositions?

The first element of self esteem is appreciating ourselves, our importance, and our self-worth. Two NLP presuppositions apply here:

1. We already have all the resources we need.

2. There is no failure, there is only feedback.

Too often we focus only on our failures instead of recognizing and acknowledging our successes. A common symptom is the Imposter Syndrome where we feel inadequate or incompetent and worry that someone will discover our incompetence.

According to the presuppositions of NLP, there is no failure and we already have the internal resources we need to be successful. With these presuppositions, it becomes a matter of discovering the right way to achieve what we want to achieve.

Two important internal resources are our ability to learn and our ability to adapt. With learning capability and flexibility we have the capacity to maintain high self-esteem. Adaptability helps us cope with changes that we cannot control.

NLP is powerful because it focuses on the positive. It focuses on what we want instead of what we don’t want.

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