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How does accountability create higher self esteem based on NLP Presuppositions?

The second element of self-esteem is accountability. People with high self-esteem take responsibility for their lives and for the situations they find themselves in. People with low self-esteem become victims of circumstances. Accountability is a critical element in personal empowerment.

The NLP principle that applies here is if what we are doing isn’t working, do something else. When something doesn’t work in our society, we typically try to correct the situation by doing more of it, or doing it faster, or doing it harder. When the real issue is that we need to do something different.

NLP begins with the assumption that change is possible and that change can occur quickly. If we don’t like the situation we are in, we have the responsibility to do something to change that situation. The easiest way to change our situation is to change ourselves. NLP gives us the way to do that.

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