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Application of the neurological level

  1. Guiding the target state through the neuro-logical levels (NE)

  • First, with A, carry out a short target definition according to the known criteria (positive, self-actualising, contextualised, sense-specific, ecological).

  • Keep the "as-if" frame for the whole exercise from now on: "Suppose you have reached your goal already now..." and guide A in this state through the whole NE-levels. Begin with the level environment and from there go on step by step and anchor the respective situation with a spatial anchor and perhaps with terms or symbols.

If it becomes apparent at one or more levels that resources are still lacking, first go to the next higher level and possibly find the resources that were still missing at the previous level. Otherwise, just remember the level where something is still missing for later.

  1. Coaching questions at the different levels:

Environment: Where are you here? With whom are you here? What are you listening to? What do you see? What do you taste? What do you smell?

Behaviour: What are you doing here?

Skills: How do you do what you do? How do you relate to others here? What special skills do you have here? Belief and Values : What is important to you here? Why do you do what you do? What do you believe in here? What motivates you? What do you believe about yourself, others, your job etc.?

Identity: What kind of self-image do you have here? How do you understand yourself, who are you?

Belonging: Where do you belong? Is there something or someone or a group you know you belong to on a professional, private, idealistic or spiritual level? Which task, which mission do you have?

Go one step further now.
Your unconscious will send you another important piece of information at this point. It can be an idea, a picture, a symbol, a feeling or whatever. It is a special gift from your unconscious to you, for your goal. Take as much time there as you need to absorb it completely into yourself.

  1. Collect Resources

  • Now go back the way you came and remember all the insights and resources you have already found along the way. Experience how each level has been enriched and intensified by the knowledge and experience of others. Notice the changes.

  • If something is missing on any level, go into dissociation and give resources from here (send them or set a resource anchor). Go back to the level in question and experience the change that has now occurred with the resources.

  • Go on to the environment level and remember your goal. Experience how your goal has become richer now compared to the beginning.

  1. Internalisation and Conclusion

  • Now run through all layers once again at your own pace. Take all the time you need for this.

  • Now run through the entire levels from top to bottom in one quick pass without thinking. Come back to the starting position and notice how your goal has become richer now.

  • Future Pace: When will you take the first steps towards achieving your goal?

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