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What is the First Perceptual Position?

This is your own Perceptual Position as you, yourself, experience it. In NLP, we would call this a fully associated position. That is, you are fully in it and living it as if it is happening right now -- which it is. In timeline work, if you imagined yourself going back to another time in your life, or forward to an imagined future, and you did so in first position -- you would imagine the past or the future as if you were in that other time right now.

This is all imagination, by the way. No one imagining such things actually, factually believes they are time traveling. But your brain might be convinced enough to pop up with some very interesting insights.

In the first position, you are looking the world through your own eyes, you are processing it through your own “map of the world”, through your own values, beliefs, emotions, and your own needs and feelings are in the center of your thinking. The first position is your direct experience of the situation.

Someone who lives his/her life in first position would tend to focus on his/her needs rather than the needs of others—a self-centered attitude. We could say that addicts tend to see the world from first position.

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