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What are perceptual positions?

Perceptual Positions is taking another position outside of the view you may normally hold. For example, if you are having difficulties in a relationship or experiencing a conflict, you can use Perceptual Positions to step outside of your own position and explore other angles.

This technique is widely used in business, political conflict situations and transformational development. In addition to being useful for improving one to one interactions, it’s great for sales teams to consider the position of the customer. It can also be used for presenters considering the position of the audience. The process will enhance your opportunity for success and expand your thinking and awareness.

It can be used before important interactions to prepare, or after in order to learn from the experience.

It is a powerful tool for ultimate self-awareness.

Perceptual positions is an exercise with roots in NLP and an amazing way to build up four things: first, self-awareness and better understanding of our own perception of the world; second, empathy and better understanding for others; third, strengthen the objective view on the situation; fourth, discover new (cognitive) perspectives and insights into any situation or relationship.

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