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How to use anchors (setting up anchors)?

Setting an anchor means consciously linking an external stimulus with an existing experience. All sensory channels can be used for anchoring (pictures, sounds, sensations, smells, tastes). Anchors can be set and released by oneself or by others (self-set, external anchor). Firing an anchor means triggering the stimulus, reactivating and experiencing the previously anchored experience.

Standard steps:

First determine the resource, the state you would like to have available "at the push of a button" and select the anchor with which you want to retrieve this state. The anchor can be a certain smell, a song or simply a pressure on a certain place on your body.

  1. Remember, fully associated, an experience in which you had the desired resource available

  2. Trigger the selected anchor just before the peak, i.e. the highest intensity of the resource-rich state

  3. Separator: interrupt the state, e.g. with a distracting question

  4. Test: Trigger the anchor again to test if it works

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