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How do you chain anchors?

In this anchoring technique, several anchors are fired one after the other. This creates a chain of anchors that can take you from very negative states to very positive states.

Sometimes the target state is emotionally so far removed from the initial state that a series of intermediate steps is necessary to get from the undesired state into the desired state quickly by using anchors:

  • Elicit the initial state

  • Determine the target state with the client.

  • Design a chain of states with the client that naturally leads to the target state.

  • Anchor every single state, e.g., on a knuckle. Separate and test each anchor.

  • Fire the first anchor and wait for the physiology to fully develop, then release the anchor and wait about 1-2 sec until you fire the next anchor.

  • Continue to the target state.

  • Take a break for a few minutes. When the client is completely out of state and there is no danger of the last state being chained to the first, then start over. Go through the chain three times.

  • Test.

  • Fire the first anchor and calibrate it yourself to see if the chained process is now running by itself.

  • Future Pace.

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