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How do embedded commands work?

Embedded commands can point the mind to focus on something specific. By using words like look, think, feel, you can encourage a mind to fixate on something.

The idea is the person will hear the command subconsciously, and act on it, without really being aware that you just gave them the command.

The more commands you use, the more likely they will work. For example, if you were in a sales situation, and you wanted the customer to buy the product, only saying “buy now” wouldn’t be enough. Commands work, but how much they push the person toward your desired action will depend on many things.

By using an NLP Embedded Command and changing the sound, the message can be received by the subconscious minds of the audience, therefore being easily remembered in future. They do not always have to be lower and louder, yet do have to be tone that’s very different that the listeners subconscious mind picks up there is delineation.

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