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International Practitioners Certification Course In

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Co-developed by Judith DeLozier & Facilitated by Anil Thomas

Course Syllabus:

This is a detailed course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming where you will  study excellence, which describes how the language of our mind produces our behaviour, and allows us to model excellence and to reproduce that excellent behaviour.  The course will give you an experiential approach and viewpoint of looking at "how" the system works, not "why".

Access to Pre-work content

Learn new additional

Excerpts & other study material

Assignment &

Peer Group &
working pairs

  • The NLP manual, part of your certification kit and is a substantial 750+ reference guide.

  • This manual provide you with the guide to every tool and skill that the NLP Practitioners syllabus has to offer.

01. Pre-work

4 Modules | 22 Hours

Module 1: 

  • Application of NLP 

  • Introduction to Neurobiology 

  • Psychology and psycho tools 

  • Abnormal vs Normal Psychology 

  • Id, ego, super ego 

  • Brain is a powerful tool 

  • Breath 

Module 2:

  • ​How do we experience world 

  • Psychogeography + SBM 

  • Introduction to GDD and Map of the world 

  • Memory and cognition 

  • Anchors 

  • Theory of Mind 

  • Secondary Gain 

Module 3:

  • ​Cause and Effect 

  • Language creates experience 

  • Communication 

  • V2MOM 

  • Balancing the wheel 

  • Modelling 

  • Frames

Module 4:

  • Manage state before you begin breath work 

  • How do we learn 

  • The beginning 

  • Presuppositions

  • Relationship 

  • Exit strategy 

The pre- work serves as an invaluable resource for familiarizing yourself with NLP tools and their applications. Accessible upon course registration, it comprises a variety of materials, including Videos, audios, and PDFs. This preparatory content is designed to assist you in setting your goals for the course, offering a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

02. Course Syllabus

14 Modules |  48 Hours

Module 1:

 TOTE Model

-A hero’s journey 

-Installation of strategy 

-Components for elicitation

Module 2:


-Theory of Mind 

-Exit Strategy 

-Theory of Goal

Module 3:

Relationship Matrix

-Male female integration

-Collapse of polarity

-Balance within and without

Module 4:

The Inner Game

-Modalities and cognitive strategies 

-Power of presence

-Somatic Approaches

Module 5:


-Recognising sensory predicates

-Pacing and leading

-Content and Context reframe

Module 6:

Accessing Cues

-Creating and maintaining rapport

-Breathing patterns

-Predicates and it's roles

Module 7:

Meta Models

-Basic state management 

-Model operators

-Generalize, Delete & Distort

Module 8:


-The ''How" structure  

-Representational system

-Implicit and Explicit Modelling

Module 9:


-Communication skills



Module 10:


-Using representation system

-Sacred Space 

-State of resourcefulness

Module 11:


-Building model of models



Module 12:

Upward Spiral

-Working with inner conflicts

-The unconscious emotional scale 

-States of consciousness

Module 13:


-Establishing informed outcomes 

-Collapsing Anchors 

-New Behaviour Generator

Module 14:


-Communication Cues 

-Auditory reframing 

-Identifying Dominant representation

Next live training dates are from 6th Aug to 11th Aug 2024.

A transformational 6 day live training experience, offering a hybrid flexibility: 

  • Attend in person in Mumbai or 

  • Join virtually from the comfort of your home

Timings: 12pm to 10pm on all 6 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.

03.  Integration Submission

3 Modules | 10 Hours

  1. Skills Showcase video 

A comprehensive and detailed  demonstration

of the tools of NLP

​2. Written Integration

A evaluation based on your knowledge of theoretical concepts of NLP.

​3. Live Integration

An oral evaluation with the senior moderator on your understanding of the skills of NLP.

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can't, but in the things you've never considered doing.”
- Richard Bandler

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