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International Certification Course In

Masters NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Co-developed by Judith DeLozier & Facilitated by Anil Thomas

Testimonials & Reviews

Suratrangni recounts her NLP journey, describing its profound impact. She reflects on the transformative changes that have unfolded throughout her experience and articulates the significant transformation that has shaped her personal and professional growth.

In the myriad roles we assume as individuals, establishing rapport proves invaluable when navigating through diverse personalities and communication styles. Aditya highlights its significant impact in this regard and its effectiveness.

Ami Patel discusses her exploration of understanding individuals' emotions, emphasising her personal experiences. She reflects on the insights gained and underscores the importance of altering patterns for positive change

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Next live training dates are from May 2025.

A transformationa 9 day live training experience, offering a hybrid flexibility: 

  • Attend in person in Mumbai or 

  • Join online from the comfort of your home

Timings 12pm to 10pm on all 9 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.

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Anil Thomas Fellowship

Office No.2, Legend Apartments, St. Anthony's Church Road, Vakola,, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra


249 Reviews

Sehar Jain.jpg

Sehar Jain

I joined course initially to learn about myself. Within the first few hours of the class I already felt connected. Anil has a wonderful way of making each one of his students feel welcomed, safe and special. After doing both the NLP practitioner and master course and now the beginning of the IDP course, I feel like I know myself a little better in terms of why I feel, act and think the way I do, I've been able to resolve quite a few of the issues and let go of emotional baggage that I had unknowingly carried around for so many years. Each class feels like I've hit a refresh and restart button. Anil makes sure that each participant maintains confidentiality and this creates a safe space for us to share, learn and grow together. I feel like I've found a community of loving, like minded individuals who have become friends and mentors for life.


Laveena Lobo

1. How was your experience? - it was a life changing experience!
2. How did you benefit from the sessions? What skills have you learnt/gained from the sessions?
Not only did I learn so much about NLP, but also about myself and I am grateful to Anil, for designing the curriculum like that. There was self introspection, knowledge gaining and lots of fun. Grateful for the safe space that was created by Anil and the participants that allowed us to express ourselves. I learnt so much about understanding and communicating with folks around me. This course was like a life puzzle put together for me!
3. How was Anil as a trainer? What did you like about his teaching?
Anil is one of the best teachers I have come across in my life. He knows his subject so well, and his passion can be felt and transferred during the sessions. Not for a minute my attention wavered because of his excellent teaching. I wouldn’t want to learn this from anyone else!


Akshay Javalgekar

The experience was just awesome. Knowing the skills and tools makes my life very easy. It is indeed a great deal for people who have confusions and I am glad that I have learnt these skills that will empower them.

As an HRBP I speak to employees’ day in and day out. These skills will help me in a great way to help employees. Every conversation is meaningful for the other person. My every conversation is now different as I look at their eye movements and take cues from those.

I honestly feel Anil is “the subject”. He has immersed himself completely. After a long time I have got someone to look up to. I admire him and look forward to modeling him by breaking my filters and frames.


Anil has been and will be a great NLP and Gestalt trainer for the world. His Training sessions are through provoking at all times and eye opener to look at the world, our relations, our situation with a whole new perspective. Wish the entire Team, Kudos in this game changer journey to make every human a better person than yesterday.


Learning from Anil is an experience in itself. Almost like taking an adventure trip diving deep into yourself and your insecurities and of course NLP.
There is no substitute for the way he speaks, the words he chooses, or the tales he tells. My six days have been nothing but Aha moments. Btw he dispels a lot of your myths.
He builds you up for all the tools he plans to teach. And on day six everything unfolds and it's like a seeing a jigsaw puzzle come alive.
His love for teaching, his knowledge and passion towards building NLP practitioners helps him create MAGIC.

Kishori Rao

I did my NLP Practitioner's Course from ATF and it was a super fun and enriching experience!
Anil and the entire team ensure you get the best learning experience with a well planned out balance of theory and practical application exercises!
Looking forward to learning a LOT more from Anil who is truly a STAR facilitator and thanks to the entire ATF Team for a seamless learning experience :)


Thanks Anil for wonderful 6 day session. It was an amazing experience of learning NLP. Sessions were detailed and corresponding activities was so fruitful.My journey for NLP has begun from Anil and eager to understand and experience more on this subject. Once again thank you so much Anil and team..


Having done my NLP and Gestalt with Anil Thomas – I consider myself blessed to have had a teacher, counsellor who is so sincere that his only intention is for the wellbeing and prosperity of the learner. Anil has a wonderful free flowing style of communication that can relate to any individual and touch them to the core. For him confronting any situation is the first step towards resolution and perhaps that is why the learners give him the reins. I have lapped up every course right from NLP, Archetypes, Health wisdom, Gestalt and today I am enthused to achieve something every single day I mean it, every single day.

The year 2021 was a time of personal restitution and abundance of divine love flowing into my life. I chanced upon the Anil Thomas Fellowship through “Breakthrough 2020” where amid an ocean of people I stood on the brink of time listening to 5 different members of the community reaching out with topics that stirred my heart earnestly seeking a breakthrough. Did I qualify to join, learn and evolve was the question that caught me treading gingerly before I mustered courage and knocked on the door – well the door was ajar and never shut :-) all I had to do was step in and lo February 2021 found me one among a batch for the Basic NLP course – an online course that helped me meet myself and look within to see my gifts that I was bestowed with - in body-mind and emotions. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing helped me grasp a structured deep connect between the body and the mind and how true the Psalmist words now rang “you knit me together in my mother’s womb … I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” It dawned on me how precious I am. There were many important learnings and the miracle of “Reframing” is something I would want every human being to experience and be restored. It is so powerful that one can learn to commune with oneself in all honesty – bold and brazen. I could visualize, dream, affirm and manifest – it was overwhelming and exciting –

I now ambled along a path filled with curiosity and an impatience to reach within and fix – yeah fix the void thereby paving a space of emptiness that could make me a bountiful vessel - a paradox indeed – well if you want to experience it then “Gestalt” is certainly the answer. After a basic online course I took the plunge into an offline experience – I do not know how Jonah felt in the belly of the fish – I can only say one needs to experience it to feel it. Take time to be with yourself and speak oft with the LORD. With an excellent supportive batch I could elicit, tackle, face my emotions and limitations and successfully break free. I could walk on the water, sink into a grave – bury the dead, rest a while and raise myself – shrugging off a burden that I need not have carried – grateful for the wisdom that is good for my soul, with a song on my lips and my eyes radiating the inner me.

Reema Dalal

Reema dalal

I loved the nlp practitioners course because it really gave me an insight on a lot of patterns and behaviours. All the tools that were taught to us during the class really helped empower me and form a deeper connect to my body and helped me to heal. I would definetly recommend the practitioners course to all. These are tools that you can use in your both your personal and professional life.

Shikha Saxena.jpeg

Shikha Saxena

I was looking for doing a course in NLP from last couple of years but somehow it didn't come around. But when I came across Anil's course, I was immediately interested. I couldn't have asked for anyone better than Anil to learn NLP from.
The entire experience was a mirror for myself. The way he weaves everything so beautifully, it helped me to get all the anwers I was looking for so long.
It's an experience that one has to experience by oneself.

ashlesh rao.png

Ashlesh Rao

It was an absolute delight to participate in the NLP Practitioner Program led by Anil Thomas!
I have had the good fortune of learning from some excellent NLP teachers over the years and learning from Anil was an absolute delight!
Anil's deep knowledge of the subject and his ability to bring out the best in each participant was something I marvelled at during the program.
I experienced a lot of shifts - both personally and in my understanding of NLP, which I have started implementing and I am already seeing wonderful results.

Priya Pawar.jpg

Priya Pawar

In the year since I first heard about Anil Thomas, I have completed Basic NLP, Basic Gestalt Practitioner’s course, two Bridge courses, Coaching and then the Master NLP practitioner’s course. That alone should tell you how impactful Anil is. The entire experience of learning with Anil is unforgettable and ignites a desire to keep coming back for more. The AT team as well is superlative in the way t courses are designed and executed as well as managed. With Anil Thomas and team, you do not just gain certification in NLP and Gestalt and related courses, but you become part of a community of Practitioners from various walks of life but also gain access to tremendous diverse resources. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to learn about NLP and Gestalt to reach out to Anil Thomas - you will be hooked!

karan kumar.jpg

Karan Kumar

NLP is a powerful system to understand and rewire one’s behavioral conditioning – to have a better relationship with oneself before achieving that with others. Anil makes you live the content through practical exercises and demonstrations which brings alive the true transformative power of NLP. His team ensures flawless execution - I attended the hybrid course in the online form and the digital interface and execution were flawless. A much-recommended course for self-discovery and in Anil, a most recommended teacher and guide.

Meenal Gurjar.jpeg

Meenal Gurjar

It took me 21 years to find another Guru in Anil. I had been wanting to do NLP for years and am thankful that I got accepted at Anil Thomas Fellowship for the practioners program. The way he walks you through the entire syllabus using activities and examples is phenomenal.
I don't think anyone can teach like Anil does. If you are looking to study NLP, you MUST do it only with Anil Thomas Fellowship.


Anil Thomas and the team is wonderful. I highly recommend this course not just for Counselors/social workers/students but also for Clinicians and Medical students/doctors for improving their approach towards practice and to gain insight not just professionally but at a personal level too. Lastly will say we always have a choice :) Go and choose healing and growth !!! You will not just learn but also feel the learnings each minute during the sessions!!

Manisha C.jpeg

Manisha Choudhry

What I loved about this program is that it is extremely experiential. We were doing exercises most of the time! Doing these exercises made understanding of the concepts easier! Inspite of not having done psychology,I believe I got a good grip on the essence of this work. Anil is an extremely sound and a competent trainer!


Sonal Mishra

I attended the 6 day NLP practitioner program at Anil Thomas Fellowship. This was an experience of a lifetime. Anil is beyond an exceptional coach/ teacher who is constantly challenging & pushing you to break your boundaries/barriers/beliefs.


Maitri Thakker

A life-changing experience, in my opinion. There was so much to learn every single day, and this is the first time I've looked at the time and wished time went slower. Anil makes the entire process and experience course extremely smooth and the discussions that took place exposed me to some really interesting perspectives.
All in all, this course is worth it and I can't wait to attend the NLP Master's Practitioner Course.
Hats off to the entire team and all the tireless efforts.


Varsha Bhosale

It was an enriching experience. Prior to this, I did not know anything about psychology. I got new perspective of looking at things. The course was really helpful for my self awareness, self development. It is a mixed bag of many activities and learnings I am taking with me. And really hope to continue this journey with ATF with more of such courses to add to my learning. Thank You Everyone at ATF who contributed to this surreal experience of NLP.


Great experience. Anil came highly recommended. Lots of learning & takeaways. The NLP Practioner's programme is very well structured & organised. I am very keen to attend the Masters. In Anil's words- Practitioner gives you the skills to play the match, masters let's you play the match. Look forward.

I enjoyed the NLP course! The subject was simplified for all coming from diverse backgrounds
(me from legal field). The terms 'cognitive' and other terms generally used in psychology didn't feel intimidating. Anil made the course much more interesting with interactive sessions. A strong recommendation for all who wish to work on self before using it on others!

Sharmistha Basu.jpg

I enjoyed the NLP course! The subject was simplified for all coming from diverse backgrounds
(me from legal field). The terms 'cognitive' and other terms generally used in psychology didn't feel intimidating. Anil made the course much more interesting with interactive sessions. A strong recommendation for all who wish to work on self before using it on others!

chaitali mehta.jpg

NLP is an eye opener for me .It has helped me to understand the art of communication,rapport building,rewiring yourself and the importance of relationship.
Highly recommended

richa sharma.jpg

As a Psychologist and educator, I always believed that everyone should study Psychology at some point of time in their lives. Having completed the six day Practitioner's course of NLP with Anil, I'll say the same thing for NLP....Everyone will benefit by doing this course for great clarity and awareness about themselves and others! A lot of meaningful and applicable concepts and tools were succinctly delivered in these six days bringing about deep transformations in participants lives.
I'm looking forward to practicing these tools with my clients, family and friends.

The world as we have created it is a  process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
-Albert Einstein

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