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Please fill in the details below as mentioned in order to proceed towards the course. All details submitted will be kept confidential and only used for internal purposes. 

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Food Preference (Only if attending phsyically)


Please read all the guidelines mentioned below. We are extremely serious about our policies and expect you to be the same about them:

- The course will begin at 2:00pm sharp, irrespective of the number of participants present. This holds true for all days.

- Payment made toward booking of seat are not refundable & transferable.

- Photos clicked during the sessions will be used for future references.

Certification Rules

-  In order to receive certification, 100% attendance is compulsory.

-  Please clear all payments in order to receive certification.

- Successful completion of the Integration process is also required for the certification- Courier of your      certification kit within India is free of cost and is included in your course fee. For couriers outside India, the   participant (you) will have to bear the charges for the same.

For online participants:
- Please ensure that you join in for the Live-Online class with a laptop or a monitor along with wireless earphones/headphones, good lighting and video ON at all times. 

For offline participants:

- Please carry headphones (preferably wireless) so that you can co-ordinate with your partner seamlessly during the activities.
- If you have any food preference (Jain or other), please inform our team during the time of filling this form as we can then make necessary arrangements.


- The Anil Thomas NLP shall fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend all its employees, practitioners and affiliates from and against all cost and expenses, actions, suits, losses, settlements, involving a claim from the opposite party regarding a mishap happening during the treatment, if any. 
- The company is not liable to pay or indemnify the third party, the therapy sessions are purely based out of the personal will of the individual and is not forced upon him/her in any kind. 
- Therefore, we want to inform and stress upon the statement that being a part of these sessions is completely your own choice and the risk encountered if any, will be borne by you.

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