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What is Outcome Frame?

The ‘Outcome Frame’ is about evaluating events in the light of the desired outcomes or goals you have set for yourself. It provides a focus for what you want to achieve, the ensuing effects and the resources required to achieve it. These outcomes should of course be ‘well-formed’. The Outcome Frame gives you a firm basis for evaluating any action or anything that happens: does it help you to achieve your desired outcome, or take you further from it?

The outcome frame is created by questioning a person about the outcomes and what they are like for them. It also maximises the chances of getting what they want and can even allow them to evaluate whether they do want it.

Applying the outcome frame to situations in someones life that they regard as unchangeable may lead them to discover that many of the things that they currently accept as environmental variables can, in fact, be turned into areas of choice.

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