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What is Deletion?

Deletion is a process by which we selectively pay attention to certain dimensions of our experience and exclude others. Whether this be a conscious decision or an unconscious process it is clearly impossible to pay attention to the mass of information that impacts your senses. At some level of awareness you have to choose what to pay attention to.

By choosing to focus in on some aspect of your sensory experience you naturally have to delete other information, for example. To hear someone in a crowded room you may have to concentrate in on the speaker and not listen to other conversations. Driving a car in heavy traffic you may need to focus on the road ahead to the detriment of the scenery that passes you by. In a garden you may choose to enjoy the fragrance of a rose yet ignore other sights, sounds, sensations and smells.

At times deletion may be useful yet in other contexts it may result in an impoverished experience. For example, if you delete the nice things that people say to you and do for you, and instead focus on what they did not do or say then you may feel unloved.

Types of Deletions include - Nominalisations, Unspecified Verbs, Simple Deletions, Comparative Deletions

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