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How to identify your meta programs?

Identifying meta-programs within yourself or within other people does take practice and some effort. You must look for clues within a person’s speech/language, within their behavior, belief systems, and physiology. The clues will always be there, however, they may be very subtle at times, and its very possible that a person may exhibit characteristics from two extremes. This means that within a specific meta-program where there are two possibilities, the person will exhibit both. In such instances, they will be somewhere in the middle of the two polar-opposites.

When it comes to identifying your own meta-programs, it’s important to keep in mind how useful they are and how they are shaping your life and circumstances. It’s possible that once you work through the five meta-programs listed here that you will determine that they do not serve your greater good. If that’s the case, then it’s up to you to make the necessary changes that will help you improve your life and circumstances. To assist you with this process, ask yourself:

  • How useful and effective is this meta-program?

  • How is this meta-program shaping my life and circumstances?

  • Given my desired outcomes, is this helpful or hurtful?

  • Do I need to make any changes? Why? Why not?

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