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Who developed the OCEAN model of personality?

This personality inventory was developed by Goldberg in 1993 to measure the five dimensions of the Big Five personality framework.

  • Openness

Insight, imagination, dynamic personality, wide range of interests are a few traits that people who score high on Openness possess.

  • Conscientiousness

Important traits include goal oriented nature, organizational skills, mindfulness to detail, determined and careful.

  • Extraversion/ Introversion

Extroverts are highly energetic, enthusiastic and easily visible to people around them. Opposite to extraversion is introversion. Introverts like to keep to themselves. They do not like to be a part of the social world. They love solitude, tend to be low-key and get bored and exhausted whenever they have to socialize.

  • Agreeableness

Those who score high on agreeableness are affectionate, kind, full of empathy for others and extremely trustable, helpful, generous and considerate.

  • Neuroticism

The important characteristics of neuroticism are emotional instability, sulkiness, unhappiness, irritable mood and frequent bouts of anxiety, sadness and mood swings.

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