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What are the seven basic contacts?

Following are the seven basic contacts:

  • Looking

Looking at something or someone allows you to build contact. For e.g., reading a book gets you in contact with its ideas.

  • Listening

An individual can listen to the sound of people, like listening to a podcast, and develop ideas accordingly. Chaos is not appreciated, which is why they usually prefer to speak without interrupting the speaker.

Different kinds of listening

Listening entails criticism, support, information, condescension, complexities, and/or simple facts.

  • Touching

Touch is the most basic, primitive way of forming contact with someone.

  • Talking

Talking helps us reach out to someone through voice modification. The tone, pace, intent, language, and volume of our speech indicates our different moods and emotions.

  • Moving

In movement, one can either see the unimpeded fluid action of an individual who supports the activity which they are engaged with or one sees the clumsy actions of someone caught between impulse and inhibition.

  • Smelling

Good or bad smells can have relative impacts on us and thus the contact that forms.

  • Tasting

Tasting is another way of forming contact by indulging in it physically.

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