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What are the gestalt principles relating to human perception?

Following are the Gestalt principles of human perception:


This principle is often used in typography based logos as a branding technique. Continuation occurs when the eye is compelled to move through one object and continue on to another object.


Similarity refers to the tendency to perceive things that look similar as being part of one group. When members of a football team wear jerseys of the same colour, the audience can easily understand which player is representing which team even if they are all scattered on the field.


This phenomenon occurs when an image or element is incomplete or a space is not totally enclosed. If enough of a shape is hinted at, our brain will automatically fill in the information that is missing.


This occurs when elements are placed close to each other. The positioning of the elements helps us understand the relationship between different parts.


Elements that are symmetrical to each other are perceived as a whole. A design can have one or more symmetries.

Figure-ground relationship

This principle suggests that the human eye separates an object from its surrounding area. A shape or form is understood as being the figure, and its surrounding area is perceived as the ground. You can choose to focus on the negative or positive space and the image might change accordingly for you.

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