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Related Questions

What are some other forms of therapy?

Following are some other forms of therapy:


Cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychological intervention technique which aims to improve mental health. It primarily focuses on challenging unhealthy coping mechanisms and thought patterns, improving emotional regulation and developing personal coping techniques to overcome problems.


Rational emotive behaviour therapy is a kind of behavioural therapy devised by Albert Ellis. It's an approach that helps you identify irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that may lead to emotional or behavioral issues.

3 main beliefs of REBT

REBT therapists strive to help their clients develop three types of acceptance:

(1) unconditional self-acceptance,

(2) unconditional other-acceptance, and

(3) unconditional life-acceptance.


Dialectic behavioural therapy is a kind of CBT that was developed to treat borderline personality disorder. It may be useful in dealing with suicidal ideation, substance abuse, self harm, and mood disorders.

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