An online coaching program designed to help you create the life of your true potential

with Anil Thomas
  • Personalised coaching program

  • 60 mins live online class - Weekly accountability 

  • Daily intervention and follow-up 

  • Daily Assignment and Assessments 

  • Bonus 1 - Special Guests in the coaching program 

  • Bonus 2 - Weekly Audio track 

  • Bonus 3 - Book of the week

"Imagine What You Could Accomplish Working with a Coach, who hand holds you and checks your progress weekly."

Online Sessions| Every Saturday of June (4 weeks)
Personal Sessions | Once every week (5 weeks)
Post Coaching Support  | 8 weeks post last session
Resources | E-books, Videos, Podcasts & Assignments
Investment | INR 25,000/- (all inclusive)
Contact | Joel - 9930748410 / joelcferns@anilthomas.co

We are all capable of the infinite as we are all truly infinite being with potential that we may not have even imagined. Well, what would we all be if we had a different set of conditioning.

when one steps into coaching for the first time what I am interested in is 'What do they want' - that is like finding out what is the dream or the goal; now for the classic  NLP question "what is stopping you" - here I get to hear all the limiting beliefs and of all the things as to 'why its not possible' for the client, these are the many narratives they hold to be true in the map of their world.

Now all throughout the coaching session, My job is simple, it to understand the map of the client's world and to see what are the limiting beliefs and how is it coded, then to use Gestalt or NLP tools to ensure that the rewiring takes places in the shortest and in the most ecological way so that the intention is preserved. 

So its simple now that you get it you see .. 

  • Define your vision and Set the direction 

  • eliminate the limiting belief 

  • Create a plan of action and add the resources

  • And learn how to create extraordinary results

People know you for what you've done, not for what you plan to do.

- Anil Thomas

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