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Steve Andreas

Born John O. Steves, later Steve Steves; Steve Andreas changed his name thrice. Barry Stevens, Steve’s mother was a Gestalt Therapist and writer herself.

Steve Andreas began his career as a chemist and switched to psychology in the 1960’s. He took up MA in psychology and was mentored under Abraham Maslow. Gestalt intrigued Steve, leading him to pursue editing. He took to editing many books related to Gestalt; Gestalt Therapy Verbatim and In and out the Garbage Pail were among the notable.

The year 1977 marked the introduction of NLP to Steve Andreas. Steve and his partner Corrniare were among the handful, to be certified as NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and trainers by the co-developers. The notable contribution of Steve and Corrniare put NLP on the map.

What makes Steve Andreas a staple name in the history of NLP is his connect to history prior to NLP. Steve Andreas was introduced to Gestalt Therapy in 1967 and was trained under Fitrz Perls. If there exist any person who was more in link with the Human Potential Movement and NLP, it has to be Steve Andreas. Known to be a key contributor and thinker, he soon became a famous Gestalt Therapist. Before NLP even began, he edited and published Awareness: Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing (1971).  In the same year that the first book on NLP was published, he published Gestalt Is (1975).

Steve Andreas has numerous articles, videos and audio programs to his name. He authored the biography of one of America’s revolutionary relationships therapists, Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic

In 1967, Steve Andreas created Real People Press, a publishing company which aims to enhance and distribute works on psychology and self-improvement. In addition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Colorado was founded several years later to further the research and training of the field. Although the company has changed ownership, Andreas continues to play an active role through training, speaking, and publishing.

Real People Press was a birth child of Steven and Corrniare. The publishing company was established with the aim of making High Quality NLP contents in form of NLP Books, CD’s and DVD’s available to anyone.

Steve announced retirement in 2015. He speaks about Parkinson’s affecting his day to day activities, stating that the disease has significantly lead to loss in energy making his presence in the session’s room less desirable.

Steve continues to this day to read research and develop new approaches in NLP and therapy. Steve continues to mentor the R&R project researching the effectiveness of the NLP Phobia cure.


This article is written by Plabita Borah who has been a part of the Global Internship Research Program (GIRP). Plabita belongs from Assam and holds MSc in Clinical Psychology. She is ambitious, driven and thrives on challenge. She constantly sets goals and strives towards them. She also loves meeting people and learning about theirs lives and background.

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